Nanit Pro Baby Monitor – Pros and Cons

The Nanit Pro Baby Monitor is one of the best baby monitors available today, but there are a few pros and cons. First, it can drain your phone’s battery. The constant live stream of video and audio can deplete your phone’s battery very quickly.

Second, you can’t turn off the screen. Even though the device is always on, you’ll have to keep it on for a long time. Moreover, it is not travel-friendly and a little pricey. But don’t worry, you are spending your money and your phone’s battery for your baby’s safety and care which is more worth it.

One in 1000 babies dies due to SIDS in the US. The Nanit baby monitor comes with a breathing band that detects your baby’s breathing in every position, every second and sends alerts if needed; with this, you can prevent some part of SIDS. /of course, it has no electronics, batteries, or wires touching your little one/. Sleeping without worrying about your baby is the best feeling of parenting.

Another pro of The Nanit Pro

is it has a 1080p secure wi-fi video camera that can save your baby’s cutest moments and shares them with your family and friends no matter where they are. Also, it’s possible to add more cameras using the settings so that every sitter can keep an eye on them. 

Furthermore, this monitor has modernized 2-way audio to hear and speak with your baby while you’re not with them or from the kitchen while drinking a nice hot cup of tea. Even other users can communicate and listen to it with the adjustable user permissions.

Nanit app allows you to monitor the room temperature and humidity to ensure your baby’s comfort. 256-bit encryption keeps your data safe, and two-factor authentication keeps your account secure.

Another great pro of this device is its sleep tracker. It allows you to track your baby’s sleep every morning, with a timelapse, so that you can watch the whole night in a minute. If you want, you can get personalized sleep guidance and tips from the leading pediatric sleep experts from your Nanit app. With this sleep tracker and app, you can improve your baby’s sleep tighter and longer. For instance: you can check your baby’s sleep cycle and stages, and if your little one’s sleep cycle is about 3 hours, try to make it a little longer with a pacifier or give them a little time to settle.

Unlike other monitors, Nanit works with or without the wifi.

So you don’t need to worry even internet goes down. Plus, it has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, allowing you to lean on its quality. Finally, the “Nanit pro baby monitor” will enable you to track your baby’s sleep, breathing motion, height, and a built-in digital baby book to let you monitor your baby’s well-being from the palm of your hand. How cool is this?

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