Nuna TAVO Next + Pipa Rx

Have you ever forgotten your gear to install your baby’s car seat in a stroller? And search your house from up to down? Or with a hard-to-install system have you ever woken up your child’s beautiful sleep? Now, these and other problems are solved with Dutch designers’ and scientists’ innovation! You just have to PULL and PUSH.

Do you want to set up foam wheels to use it? Just push it. Do you want to set off an infant car seat from your stroller? Just pull it. You won’t need any gear things.

While the baby is sleeping have you ever feared pulling down the canopy because of any sound? Magnetic. While buckling have you ever feared hurting your baby? Magnetic. The self-guiding magnetic buckle that automatically locks into place will buckle a child and quietly attach to the canopy in a blink of an eye. The indicator on the buckle will tell you how buckled 100% or not with green and red colors. You and your baby won’t harm yourselves and you won’t wake up your baby.

The material of TAVO is made flame-resistant which didn’t come out from any dangerous chemicals. It won’t hurt your baby’s skin and respiratory system. On another side, the fabric is easy to wash up. Wash material in machine wash with cold water and delicate cycle. It means you don’t have to do any other things like bleach and iron. Put the material into your washing machine and wash it with cold water and handwashing (delicate cycle). After washing is done, just lay it down and dry that itself.

The weight is much lighter than any other stroller. Only weighing 23.3lbs (10.5kg). It looks like heavy than others. But with all these safeties and lightweight is a real innovation for baby strollers.

For the century people looking for 100% perfect things. Unfortunately, perfection exists only as an ideal. There might be perfect things in our mind but they won’t in reality. But “Nuna TAVO Next + Pipa Rx” will be close to humanity’s perfect baby stroller. Because it has the most comfortable setting up and gearing up the system while being becoming our lives easy and stressless.

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